Monday, February 6, 2012

What's on the menu?

So here it is, my contribution to the Food Revolution.

One third of Americans are obese and that freaks me out.  Its time to buck up and do what we can to keep ourselves and our families healthy.  There are a million reasons not to cook at home, or cook whole foods or exercise but there are a million reasons to find the time too.  Its all about priorities.  I love what Jamie Oliver is doing with the Food Revolution.  He's not trying to put people on a diet but just to teach them to be in control of what's going in our bodies.  The best way to do that is to know how to cook your own meals. 

Since I enjoy cooking, and even more, enjoy eating, I am always trying out new recipes on the fam.  Many are good and some completely suck.  I'm here to take the trial and error process away for you. I promise only to share the good ones.  I'm making it my mission to find recipes that eliminate some of the common excuses not to cook at home...time, money, skill, etc.

If you heard it once you heard it a hundred times, you have to plan your meals out ahead.  If you don't (and you're like me) you'll get all annoyed when its 5:00 on Tuesday and you can't think of anything to make.  So before you shop make a list of what you'll make and what you'll need to make it.  You will be glad you did.

This week we are having something new everyday.  They all look pretty easy though.  This is what we have (in no particular have to be in the mood for something...)

1. Meatloaf - Never been a fan but I'm trying Jamie's recipe because it looks like it might be pretty good.
2. Spaghetti w/ tomato sauce- My 9 year old wants to attempt to make dinner all by herself.  This is what she picked. We'll see how it goes.
3. Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup- This is a slow cooker meal.  Throw it in before work.  Done.
4.  Roasted Sesame Pork with stir fried veggies- This is out of the Joy of Cooking.  Looks pretty simple and although I consider that book the bible of cooking, I decided I need to try more stuff from it.
5. Tuna Puttanesca over pasta- We're trying to eat more fish.  Once a week is a must but try for two.
6. Chick Pea Chicken noodle soup- Feelin' soupy this week I guess.

Shwew. There's a lot on the list this week. A solid 5 is usually enough but I guess I was really into it this week.  I'll let you know how it all pans out!

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