Monday, October 15, 2012

Jingle All the Way!

I'm excited to share with you the the latest and greatest of my food group activities.  Like many people, when my friends and I get together it usually revolves around food.  This time, we're going to take part in a Jingle Bell 5k before we eat our food.  I've written previously about trying to convince my friends to do this but it never really worked before.  That's because it was my idea and not theirs.  This time the girls are really working towards their goal of running a 5k (for some it's their first time, others a second time and for one it's been many years).  Most of them are using the C25K app on their cell phones and finding it very manageable.  I'm so excited and proud of them for their efforts and decided I would host a nice healthy brunch for all us that do the race and our families after we finish.  I think it will be great to see that we can have fun doing something that's good for us and enjoy a brunch that's good for us too. 
The post seems a little naked without a photo in it.  This is me (the Amazon woman, towering over her friends even in flip flops) and some of the girls that will be running next month.  We have at least a couple of husbands getting in on the action too (not mine though, I designated him as the event historian, i.e. photographer so that when I tell you all how great everyone did I'll have pictures to share too).

So the goal is different for everyone, Melanie and I will likely try to beat our own best times, some will work at running the whole thing without stopping, while others have a goal of just getting across the finish line, period.  And that's a great start.  The point is everyone has been working at it for at least 6 weeks and we have a few more to go.  Heather is surprising herself every time she gets on her treadmill and I think she's really digging it.  We may just start a new trend amongst ourselves.

I can't wait to follow up on this after November 18th with our little (and big) successes and of course some new brunch recipes (let's not get carried away here!).  Maybe you and your food group might just think this was a really cool idea and give it a try.

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