Monday, November 19, 2012

Tis the Season!

Well, I'm happy to report that my grand plan to get a group of friends to get out together for a fitness event was a success!  It took a couple of years (literally) to get everyone on board but we did it!  We all had fun and felt pretty darn good about it too.  The 5k we chose was the Jingle Bell Run/Walk.  It was pretty chilly but nice and sunny.  More importantly, it was flat.  Some of my girls still have a major aversion to hills, but we're (and by that I mean I'm) working on that (them). 
Here's Phoebe and I before the race.  She did the kids fun run with Ella.  She has a very shiny nose.  You could even say it glows.
Here we are toasting with our pre-race Gu.  We thought it might be fun, and make us faster.
This is what my face does when I try to swallow the Gu.  It doesn't taste that bad but the consistency is rather disgusting.
I believe that Ouije shares that sentiment.
So then we headed to the start.  I'm not sure what direction we were going in but I'm pretty certain that these guys were heading south.  Nelsy was going to attempt to get each of us at the finish but things were a little disorganized and he and our friend Josh thought they lost our kids so photos were minimal.
He did however get this young buck coming towards the finish.  I'm not sure if this is Brendan or Ryan but whoever it is looks pretty cool!
Here's a group photo after the race, minus our walkers.  I had to ditch out of there with my poor sick son who was freezing his buns off.
This is Heather after her first 5k! She rocked it.  Like I knew she would.
After the race we met up at our house for a nice brunch.  These two lovely ladies also kicked some 5k butt.
We got our sweet potato waffles made.  These are so good. 
I whipped up a celebratory round of pomegranate and Proseco drinks.  It's important that we get our anti-oxidants in, ya know?
It's all fun and reindeer games around here.
Check out the spread!  I missed a picture of the fritatta muffins that Ouije made (same ones you all went nuts over when I previously posted that recipe).
Kristin (who somehow did not make it into one single photo....I need to work on these things...) made these pumpkin muffins and Heather also made a variety of Weight Watchers muffins. 
This is Jen and her cute baby.  She's so adorable we could've eaten her for brunch (seriously, check out those cheeks!).
Jen made this fabulous roasted vegetable tort.  This was quite a hit.  I will be making one of these sometime!
I will also be making Melanie's Huevos Rancheros some time.  I'm pretty much a sucker for anything that involves black beans and avocados.

So there you have it.  A group of people who normally gather around excessive amounts of food of various degrees of bad for you, CAN gather around a fitness activity and food that is good for you!  We are already talking about next time!



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