Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Fever

Wow.  In a matter of a week our lives went from pretty chill to running around like chickens with a million things to do and places to be.  Things will probably remain this way through June so I have no choice but to plan like crazy for each week to fit in feeding the family real food and squeezing in some exercise amongst all the games, practices, homework, open houses, concerts and God knows what else. Last weekend we had a sleepover, baseball game, two soccer games a 5k and 10 mile race between us.  I'm sure things won't be quite that obnoxious anytime real soon.  I know many of you are always running in 5 directions or have 3 or 4 or 5 kids doing different things at different times (not sure how that works but...).  My best two suggestions for getting through it all without eating a ton of crap and skipping out on physical activity is to sit down on Saturday or Sunday and plan your meals and figure out how to use your time wisely.  I've mentioned this in the past but what better time to squeeze in a run or a walk than when you're sitting at a soccer or lacrosse (or whatever) practice.  I load up the iPod with some interesting pod casts and walk around the fields for an hour or run for 30 min.  I watch the games but do I really need to watch practice too?  Um no. So there you go, he practices soccer and I get ready for whatever next event I have coming up (signing up for races keeps me motivated).

 Two weekends ago I went with Phoebe on her Girl Scout outing to Orenda Springs which was a ton of fun and ended up being a great workout to boot.  Here I got strapped into a harness...
While Phoebe climbed this big o'll tree (also harnessed) all the way up to the platform....
Then they had me run and jump until I was swinging through the air and they hoisted me up to where Phoebe was.
I only have video of the real exciting part but Phoebe jumped off the platform and we grabbed hands while hanging and swinging way the heck up there.  This was taken as they were lowering us down.  The real workout came when we did the zip line.  It's a one way street and everyone has to get a piece of the rope and run like mad up the hill to get the zip liners back on the ground.  I was very sore the next day after running up the hill about 5 times.
 This past weekend my sister Ouije and I did the Color Me Rad 5k.  This was family friendly, non competitive and a lot of fun.  I mean, I've never seen Ouije get so enthusiastic about running.  See how nice and clean we started out?  This, like most 5k's, was a fundraiser and you can walk or run.  I really recommend trying these things out, even if you're not a runner.  The vibe is great, everyone is doing something healthy for a cause, and I love the sense of community you get at these things.
And sometimes you get to get down right messy.  Thank goodness for those sunglasses!
The race was not timed, we ran it together and just had fun.  Gather your friends and get out there.  These types of events are going on every single weekend if you search for them.
On Sunday it was Nelsy's turn.  Phoebes whipped up some signage and we headed out to watch him run the Mountain Goat.  10 hilly miles through the City of Syracuse.  No thank you.  I do love to watch though!  I always feel so proud of the runners, crazy as they may seem (I saw one wearing a banana costume).  They seem to be of all ages and abilities.  So impressive.
Here's Nels looking fresh right around mile 4.  Coming in for a high five.  At mile four I would be on my last leg. 
And there he is going down the home stretch.  Way to go Nels!  So the take away here is get active when you can and do what it takes to stay motivated.  I'll tell you there's nothing like a looming 10 miler to get you to the gym every night (sadly, many nights it's after 8pm before Nels makes it to the gym).  I'm staying on track by signing up for a Memorial Day 5k that I'm running with Phoebe and her Running Club, and another on June 8th with a whole bunch of friends and their kids. 

So, lets talk about food for a minute.  When you're making your list, go with things that are quick or can be made ahead.  This is what our week looks like:

M- Turkey Burgers (make them in the am or the night before, pull them from the fridge and toss on the grill when its time to eat.

Tu- A quick pasta dish (there is no shortage of these!), I'll share this one soon...

W- Pizza and salad (Nels is going to cook a chicken tonight while H and I are at soccer that we can use for a couple of dinners, including the pizza.  The kids really dig chicken on the pizza).

Th- We'll use the grilled chicken and have nice big salads with chicken and plenty of veggies.

F- No activities or plans! Yay! We'll figure that one out when we get there.  We have meat from our CSA in the freezer and plenty of produce to some up with something.

All quick meals, nothing from a box or drive through.  It can be done, it just takes a little planning and a little practice.  Good Luck (we all need it!)!

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